Proshoon Rahmaan

Writer- Director-Producer
Founder & CEO, Imation Creator
Proshoon Rahmaan is a Dhaka based Writer and Independent Filmmaker from Bangladesh, leading own Production Company- Imation Creator. Post Graduated from the University of Dhaka under the Social Science discipline . Has done 2nd Graduation in Law. Studied over several aspects of Film-making in Bangladesh and abroad. Apart from Writing & Film-making Proshoon is teaching in a leading Private University. Has made 4 Feature Films and 7 Documentaries which mostly dealt with contemporary issues and modern life complicity. He also has 5 Publications that includes a novel, collection of poetry & articles based on Cinema, Socio-Cultural practices and Communication through Arts. Interested in making movies that matters.


প্রিয় সত্যজিৎ, Dear Satyajit
Feature Film, 2022

মার্চ থেকে ডিসেম্বর, March to December
Feature Documentary, 2021

এই পুরাতন আখরগুলি, Those Ancient Letters
Documentary, 2021

ঢাকা ড্রিম, Dhaka Dream
Feature Film, 2021

নদী ও নির্মাতা, River & Filmmaker
Documentary, 2020

Ballad of Rohingya People

Documentary Series, 2020

নিগ্রহকাল, Long Period of Persecution
Feature Documentary, 2019

জন্মভূমি, The Birth Land
Feature Film, 2018

সুতপার ঠিকানা, Her Own Address
Feature Film, 2015

ফেরা, Return Journey
Documentary, 2012

ধান‌ ও প্রার্থনা, Rice & Pray
Documentary, 2008


তারেক মাসুদ তাঁর স্বপ্নসংক্রান্ত
(Tareque Masud & his Life & Dreams)
Collection of Articles, Publisher- Chandrabindu, 2021

সিনেমার বাংলাদেশ (Cinema Culture in Bangladesh)
Collection of Articles, Publisher- Chandrabindu, 2020

সৃজনশীলতার সংকটে স্যাটেলাইট চ্যানেল
(Satellite Channels are in Creative Crisis) Articles
Publisher- Shraban, 2012

ধুলার অক্ষর, (Letter of Dust)
Publisher- Bidyaprokash, 2009

ঈশ্বরের ইচ্ছে নেই বলে
(God doesn’t will it for)
Collection of Poetic Stories
Published by- Bidyaprokash. 2009


Member, Bangladesh Film Directors Association

Member, Bangladesh Film Producers & Distributors Association

Board Member, Federation of Asia Pacific Film Producers Association

Executive Member, Asia Pacific Film Festival


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