Proshoon Rahmaan,

Proshoon Rahmaan is Dhaka based independent Filmmaker from Bangladesh. Post graduated from Dhaka University with the discipline of Social Science. Have studied over several aspect of Filmmaking at Bangladesh and abroad. Apart from film directions have written a Novel, Collection of Poetic Stories and Collection of Articles which are published accordingly. Her Own Address (Sutopar Thikana) is debutant feature film by the Director which was released at 8 May, 2015. Presently preparing for 2nd feature project titled Dhaka Dream.


  • Sutopar Thikana (Her Own Address), 1st Feature Film released at 08 May, 2015.
  • Fera (Based on a journey of film maker Tareque Masud), Documentary, Production year- 2012
  • Bioscope, Independent Documentary, Production year- 2010
  • Daman’s Dera, Institutional affiliated Documentary, Production year- 2009
  • The Wall, Institutional affiliated Documentary, Production year- 2009
  • Rice & Pray, Independent Documentary, Production year- 2008
  • Sound of Erosion, ongoing Documentary based on Riverbank Erosion in Bangladesh.
  • A kind of Learning, ongoing Documentary based on life of Madrassa Student in Bangladesh.
  • Dhaka Dream, ongoing Feature Film project.

Worked as Asst. Director/Executive Producer

  • Worked as Executive Producer with Documentary Film Friends of Bangladesh based on International Friend of Liberation War Directed by Catherine Masud & Produced by Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. 2012
  • Worked as 1st Assistant Director/Associate Producer with Documentary Film The Extreme Directed by Ralph King (Production of USA). 2011
  • Worked as 1st Assistant Director with Feature Film Guerrilla, Directed by Nasiruddin Yousuff. 2010
  • Worked as 1st Assistant Director with Feature Film Runway Directed by Tareque Masud. 2008-2009
  • Worked as 1st Assistant Director with Short Film Narosundar Directed by Tareque Masud. 2007-2008


  • Dhular Okkhor, (Letter of Dust) Novel, Published by- Bidyaprokash, 2009
  • Eeshhorer Echhe Nei Boley, Collection of Poetic Stories, Published by- Bidyaprokash. 2009
  • Srijonshilotar Songkotey Satellite Channel, Collection of Selected Article on mass media, Published by Shraban Publishers, 2012


  • MSS (Masters of Social Science). Dhaka University, Bangladesh.
  • Diploma in Communication & Visual Arts, Limkolkwing University of Creative Technology, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Intensive Courses on Documentary Film-making. South Asian Media School (SAARC Scholarship), Punjab.
  • Attended 2 week span workshop on Film Production. Manhattan Film Institute, Dubai Campus, UAE.
  • Diploma in Theatre. Society for Education in Theatre, Dhaka, Bangladesh.