Sutopar-ThikanaOriginal Title : Sutopar Thikana (সুতপার ঠিকানা)
Title in English : Her Own Address
Genre : Social Drama
Original Language : Bengali
Subtitle : English
Duration : 110 min.
Film Format Digital-HD
Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Screenplay & Direction : Proshoon Rahmaan
Logline : Work of fiction based on million true stories. Portraying womanhood of South Asia.Synopsis Woman in South Asian region always remain dependent on their Father, Brother, Husband or, Son in their different stages of life. They never achieve their own home, own address. The story is portraying womanhood of South Asia and depicts the life of Sutopa who never thinks out of that. Finally comprehend when she lost every shelter and found herself on running train where her destination is unknown.
Her Own Address is an artistic vision illustrate a human story which appealing to the equality, freedom of souls and antidiscrimination. A National Grant Winner Bangladeshi Feature Film originally shot in Bengali and titled ‘Sutopar Thikana’.Lead Cast: Aparna Ghose, Shahadat Hossain, Jayanta Chatterjee, Naveed Muntasir, Mim Chowdhury, Anwar Hossain Chowdhury, Rajib Salehin, Junia Doli, Kumar Nibir & Sayeda Mallik.
Narration: Asaduzzaman Noor
Cinematography: Bayzid Kamal
Editing: Mahfuzul Huq Ashik
Music: Kumar Bishwajit
Sound Design: Ripan Nath
Production Design: Shahid Ahmed Mithu
Production: Imation Creator
Production Country: Bangladesh
©Imation creator 2015
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Rice-and-PrayRice & Pray
Logline :
Documentary Film based on rustic prejudice
Original Title : Dhan o Prarthona (ধান ও প্রার্থনা)
Title in English : Rice & Pray
Original Language : Bengali
Subtitle : English
Duration : 22min.
Film Format : Digital-HD
Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Screenplay & Direction : Proshoon Rahmaan
Dhaka-DreamDhaka Dream
Title: Dhaka Dream
Genre: Social Thriller/Slice of Life
Duration: 100-110 min
Film Language: Bengali (with English subtitle)
Film Format: Digital
Script & Direction: Proshoon Rahmaan
Production: Imation Creator
Projected year to release: 2016
Dhaka Dream is a tale of a city where outlying people comes with dreams and lives with nightmare. It has become worst city in the world to live with. But population increases here every day with new folks.
It is a Story of bunch of people and their journey who are already on way to this city as their final destination and last hope to survive. Who are decided do come Dhaka to make fulfill their least possible dreams in their deprived lives. Where city has got centralized everything and people has no other choices without coming here.
But Dhaka gets over crowded more than a decade and not ready to accommodate furthermore. It is severely waiting for varied devastation for various causes. What they will do who are already on way to this city and for those who are going to start tomorrow as they have no other option?
In this story, out of 40 passengers in an inter district Bus there are 10 who are facing different situation even before their arrival!